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Ettore Balli Prize 2018

The Foundation Ettore Balli awards 30'000 CHF to a young researcher for his/her work in the field of biology or medicine.

Conditions: swiss nationality, less than 40 years old
Deadline: 30 March 2018
Submit: 4 copies each of three representative publications, CV, a summary of the work done (with references) and future research plans.

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ENMC Workshopsbericht

The position of the neuromuscular patient in Shared Decision Making. 19-20 January 2018

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6th Rare Disease Summer School

Kartause Ittingen, 11-13 July 2018

The 6th radiz Rare Diseases Summer School will focus on a wide variety of subjects in the arena of rare diseases, from disease mechanisms and animal models, to improving diagnoses, to novel therapeutics.

Applications open


World Muscle Society Congress

Mendoza, Argentina, 2-6 october 2018

You will have the opportunity to learn about the latest developments in world-wide myology during the premier annual congress on neuromuscular disorders, attended by established and young physicians, researchers, therapists and neuropathologists from all over the world. 

Abstracts submission deadline: 9 April 2018


New Directions in Biology and Disease of Skeletal Muscle Conference 2018

New Orleans, 25-28 June 2018

The conference will highlight current developments in muscle biology, disease, and therapy with presentations by leading international researchers.

Abstract submission deadlines:
oral presentations: until April 13
poster presentations: until May 14   Submission page


Molecular mechanisms of muscle wasting during aging and disease

Ascona, 23-28 September 2018

This meeting will focus on the molecular mechanisms involved in muscle wasting diseases including cachexia, sarcopenia and muscular dystrophies. Its focus on disease aspects in skeletal muscle, its interactive format and its small size makes this meeting unique.

Abstract submission open


Autologous Cell Therapy Approach for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy using PiggyBac Transposons and Mesoangioblasts.

Iyer PS, Mavoungou LO, Ronzoni F, Zemla J, Schmid-Siegert E, Antonini S, Neff LA, Dorchies OM, Jaconi M, Lekka M, Messina G, Mermod N.
Mol Ther. 2018 Feb 2 pii: S1525-0016(18)30028-5

13 März 2018

Congenital myopathies: disorders of excitation-contraction coupling and muscle contraction.

Jungbluth H, Treves S, Zorzato F, Sarkozy A, Ochala J, Sewry C, Phadke R, Gautel M, Muntoni F.
Nat Rev Neurol. 2018 Mar;14(3):151-167.

01 März 2018

Increasing Agrin Function Antagonizes Muscle Atrophy and Motor Impairment in Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

Boido M, De Amicis E, Valsecchi V, Trevisan M, Ala U, Ruegg MA, Hettwer S, Vercelli A.
Front Cell Neurosci. 2018 Jan 30;12:17.

31 Januar 2018

Over-expression of a retinol dehydrogenase (SRP35/DHRS7C) in skeletal muscle activates mTORC2, enhances glucose metabolism and muscle performance.

Ruiz A, Dror E, Handschin C, Furrer R, Perez-Schindler J, Bachmann C, Treves S, Zorzato F.
Sci Rep. 2018 Jan 12;8(1)

15 Januar 2018